Viva Movil for People On The Go


So I’m sitting in traffic on  my way home after a long day at work, contemplating whether I’m gonna get the new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or take a chance on the newly released HTC ONE (which btw looks like a MacBook Pro Phone- totally beautiful and a steal @ $99).  But then I think to myself, who am I kidding?  When am I actually going to find time to get to a store, then spend another hour in the store getting the full sales pitch and then hold my breath to see if I pass credit?  I have been with the same carrier for a few years now and I’m getting ready to switch to Verizon (which is good because I work for Viva Movil).

So, I decided to give the Viva Movil Website a look after getting the kids to bed, and saw a cool service called “Get Approved.”, which lets you run your credit online from home.  This is cool, because the last time I ran credit in store, I gotta be honest… I failed at Verizon; it was embarrassing.  I’m thinking this time around though, I’ve done a lot over the years to get my credit in good standing.  So I took a shot… and passed!

So now, all I gotta do is take my reference number to the local Viva Movil Store and I cut my store time in half.  Now, I just gotta make a decision on what smartphone I want… clearly First World Problems.


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