Samsung Galaxy S5: Was The Hype Worth The Wait?

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5 will be hitting store shelves come April.

While the overall look of the phone is not that different from its predecessor, the S5 does have some snazzy new features.

Among them are a heart rate monitor, fingerprint sensor, water-resistant casing, 5.1 inch screen, and 16-megapxel camera!

Even though these new features are sure to please some, the reviews of the phone are still mixed.

As CNET put it, “After all the rumors and hype, the Samsung Galaxy S5 turned out to be more of an iteration on the Galaxy S line than the fresh, whiz-bang package we’d all come to hope for, and even expect.”

What did you think of Samsung’s latest unveiling? Will you be lining up to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S5?


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