Wepa! The Meanings of Signature Latin Phrases

Whether you found yourself traveling in Latin America and listening to sentences that sounded funny or simply overheard a peculiar Spanish phrase on the subway, we have all been stumped one time or another by the Spanish language. But fear not! Below is a breakdown of the definitions of some distinct phrases used throughout Latin America.


Venezuelans use “arrecho” for multiple meanings, like for something extraordinary, “That picture is arrecha!,” or just when someone is angry, “The boy is arrecho.”


The word “wepa” comes from Puerto Rico where people use it to greet each other. It’s like a local hi.


Chileans will repeat this word a thousand times to see if someone understands something. Cachai?


If an Argentinian does not say “che” it is like having no identity. They do not say “hey” when they call someone but rather “che” instead.  And if you use the phrase “Che Boludo/a” you are 100% Argentinian.

no chingues

I bet you’ve heard this saying before in a Mexican soap opera. “No chingues” is used to reject a bad idea.

If you want to read about more of these phrases, head over to the YaSabe blog.


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