Spring Cleaning: The Perfect Time to Donate


Instead of throwing away your old items as you do your spring cleaning, why not give to those who need them. Many people will benefit from your old clothes, appliances, furniture, books, etc.


An excellent way to get rid of old appliances is to donate them to homeless shelters, dining halls or food banks. In doing so you will be making a positive change to your community, helping these centers be more efficient. By providing items from your household you no longer need, you will be helping to feed people on the streets or those who cannot afford to support themselves.

Clothing and Bed clothes

In this case we are going to donate the kinds of items you do not use anymore, but want someone else to enjoy. Aside from shelters, places like Goodwill or The Salvation Army accept donations for everything from clothing to furniture. In some locations they even accept cars as donations! If you ask for a receipt your donations can also be deducted from your taxes.

Good deeds to those in need, make a difference in someone’s life!

For more information, visit the YaSabe blog. 


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