Favorite new iOS 7 feature…

Ok, some of us here at Viva Movil are iPhone lovers and some not.

Today, we’re talking about what we love about the now 1-week old iOS 7.  Feedback on it has been great from most of the people we deal with.  The general consensus around it is that it makes you want to interact with your phone even more, which is troubling because we’re always on our phones to begin with.

The feature we love about iOS 7 is Control Center, easily one of the best features added to this version of iOS.  Bascially from any screen including the lock screen, you can swipe your finger upwards from the bottom of the screen and you’d see this…


One touch access to turn on & off Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do not disturb mode or rotation lock is incredible.  But combine it with the convenience of one-touch access to Flashlight, stop-watch, calculator & camera and you’ve pretty much covered every urban life situation short of incorporating a taser to your smartphone.  Now it’s got you covered when you need to find something in the dark, calculate tip on dinner, take a pic on the go or time how long you hold a plank.  This is just one of the many thoughtful, uncluttered UI improvements we’ve seen here.  Can’t tell you what we think of Airdrop so far cause we haven’t used it yet, but we like the idea.  Tell us what you like, we want to hear!

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First customers at Viva Movil LA Asuza Store!


We had our first customers at the Asuza store this weekend! Looks like a great place to shop! Checkout the great deals we’re serving up on the Verizon HTC ONE and other great Verizon 4G LTE devices!

Check us out at the Citrus crossing at 866 E Alosta Avenue! #VivaLA or visit us online!

Viva Movil for People On The Go


So I’m sitting in traffic on  my way home after a long day at work, contemplating whether I’m gonna get the new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or take a chance on the newly released HTC ONE (which btw looks like a MacBook Pro Phone- totally beautiful and a steal @ $99).  But then I think to myself, who am I kidding?  When am I actually going to find time to get to a store, then spend another hour in the store getting the full sales pitch and then hold my breath to see if I pass credit?  I have been with the same carrier for a few years now and I’m getting ready to switch to Verizon (which is good because I work for Viva Movil).

So, I decided to give the Viva Movil Website a look after getting the kids to bed, and saw a cool service called “Get Approved.”, which lets you run your credit online from home.  This is cool, because the last time I ran credit in store, I gotta be honest… I failed at Verizon; it was embarrassing.  I’m thinking this time around though, I’ve done a lot over the years to get my credit in good standing.  So I took a shot… and passed!

So now, all I gotta do is take my reference number to the local Viva Movil Store and I cut my store time in half.  Now, I just gotta make a decision on what smartphone I want… clearly First World Problems.

HTC ONE has arrived @ Viva Movil for $99

HTC ONE has arrived @ Viva Movil for $99

So while we try not to use this blog to shamelessly shlock phones, this is a really good deal worth mentioning, and currently we’re the only ones offering it. Here’s the deal…the incredible Verizon HTC ONE smartphone for just $99 … Continue reading

Verizon HTC One Comes to Viva Móvil 8/22


The highly anticipated HTC One finally makes its Verizon debut at Viva Móvil starting tomorrow, Thursday, August 22 online and in-store. Over-excitement got the best of us, and we decided to visit the HTC Showroom at Westfield Topanga to put these phones to the test.


The verdict? The HTC One definitely lived up to its hype. The screen display is brilliantly crisp and sharp. The audio – on another level! In fact, the dual-front speakers we’re one of our top favorite features. They’re perfect for watching videos, listening to music, and talking on speaker phone, without having to fumble your headphones or speakers.




What do you think of the all-new HTC One? Pre-order yours now online at getviva.com!